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InMoov abdomen movements explained

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Getting a correct video is a nightmare with MovieMaker with a old PC running on XP.



Getting a led to blink on InMoov

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In the stomach pulsing like a heart beat. I would like to add that to the full script on pin30

The casing is designed to receive a NeoRing of Adafruit, I still need to get one though... In the meantime we can use a led!




YoYo actuator

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Here is what I drew a few weeks ago. I didn't try to built it because I thought I would buy standard linear actuators at a very low price. Turns out the actuators are too slow and if I get faster one the decrease rapidly in torque.

So maybe my drawing will be used after all.

I need a actuator with linear movement of 100mm

a force Nm of about 900 to 1500

The speed should be at least 30 to 40mm/s

Setting up your InMoov to defaults

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Setting "omoplate" servo and potentiometer to default "Rest" position 10 on a range from 0 to 180

To reach this value you may have to rotate slightly your potentiometer in it's bracket.

When omoplate is at default 10 position there is no gap between these two parts

See video for the omoplate movement:

Second Kinect Test

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InMoov controlled with it's Kinect. This is the second test with 3 servos powered in each arm. The skeleton on the kinect is very jumpy when my arms are pointing to the robot, which acts on the servos, making the robot shake a bit eraticaly.


InMoov with 4PID triggered by PIR sensor

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This script is a work in progress:

# 4PID + PIR Sensor script

Troubleshoot with gestures InMoov2.0

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I made a few test with the my updated script because Grog has implemented all the gestures into the new service and I discovered something odd.

The same gestures with exact same positions on the script don't give the same result depending on the version that calls them.

For exemple this is "rest" default position with the version 1695 (InMoov1.0). You can see "rotate" servo is facing the camera and the position on the slider is 90:

When InMoov falls flat on it's face...

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Tried to catch up my phone, I bumped into the robot, and SLAM!!!!

Fortunatly InMoov is resistant, I would have expected a lot more broken.

1 thumb tip broken, neck worm piston broken, some parts dismantled in the bicep right, one forarm open dismantled partly, nothing bad.

ABS is great because you just reglue the parts with ACETONE and Voilà.