Error uploading mrlcomm.ino to arduino

Hello Guys,

I am posting for somebody that has an issue uploading the MRLComm.ino to his Mega Arduino.

He seems to encounter the same pb on a Mac and A PC. Any suggestions when looking the error log?

I can't think of a solution.

Here is the link to our conversation:!searchin/inmoov/Error$20uploading$20mrlcomm.ino$20to$20arduino%7Csort:date/inmoov/BxXm8lYALY0/QA5TbmzeAwAJ

In file included from sketch/LinkedList.h:72:0,
                 from sketch/MrlComm.cpp:10:
sketch/LinkedList.cpp: In instantiation of 'ListNode<T>* LinkedList<T>::getNode(int) [with T = Device*]':
sketch/LinkedList.cpp:182:29:   required from 'T LinkedList<T>::get(int) [with T = Device*]'
sketch/MrlComm.cpp:228:38:   required from here
LinkedList.cpp:53:10: error: cannot convert 'bool' to 'ListNode<Device*>*' in return
   return false;

sketch/LinkedList.cpp: In instantiation of 'ListNode<T>* LinkedList<T>::getNode(int) [with T = Pin*]':
sketch/LinkedList.cpp:170:29:   required from 'T LinkedList<T>::remove(int) [with T = Pin*]'
sketch/MrlComm.cpp:297:24:   required from here
LinkedList.cpp:53:10: error: cannot convert 'bool' to 'ListNode<Pin*>*' in return
Multiple libraries were found for "Wire.h"
 Used: /Users/davidpattee/Library/Arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/avr/1.8.1/libraries/Wire
Multiple libraries were found for "Servo.h"
 Used: /Users/davidpattee/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Servo
 Not used: /Applications/
exit status 1
cannot convert 'bool' to 'ListNode<Device*>*' in return

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

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Hi Gael, Looks like he got

Hi Gael,
Looks like he got more space, a clean directory, and it worked ...

Let me know if that's not the case.



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Thanks Grog for looking it

Thanks Grog for looking it up.

I still don't get why the person couldn't install in a Mac and a PC.

Wondering if the small PC he was using had any storage at all to start with...

Anyway, the person got it uploaded, thats all that matters.

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any root cause feedback?

just curious, did the user happen to mention what they did to resolve their issue?  It'd be helpful to document that so if we see it again, we'll be able to help quicker.

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LinkedList.cpp:53:10: error: cannot convert 'bool' to 'ListNode<

I am having the same exact problem.  What I did was to remove the "false" from line 53 of linkedlist.cpp.  it then compiled and it seems to work.  I have done very little testing of my solution and expect that at some point something will not work.

Any help or insight will be welcomed.



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Make sure you're using a recent version of Arduino IDE

Editing the code is unlikely going to get you what you want.  The code compiles in a recent version of the arduino IDE.  1.6.8 i think is the oldest version of Arduino IDE that will work.

Do NOT use 1.0.5 or any 1.0.x version of Arduino IDE it will not work.

Try again with the 1.8.x or newer version of Arduino IDE and see if the issue still exists.

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Thanks for the feedback.  I

Thanks for the feedback.  I am using arduino 1.8.10 and still got the error that was stated above.  Should I try it with 1.6.8?


Tried it with 1.6.10  Same error.

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Works locally with both versions..

I think we need more info to be able to help out.  

What version of MrlComm / MyRobotLab are you using?  What platform are you on?  Windows? Linux? Mac?  64 bit? 32 bit?  What type of arduino do you have ? Uno ? Mega ? 

I've tried the "latest" with both 1.6.8 and 1.8.10 on windows 10 64 bit and it works w/o any issues.

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I tried it with both an

I tried it with both an Ardino mega and an arduino uno.  I am using Windws 10  64 bits with all the latest updates.  I tried it on two different windows machines.  I tried various versions of the Arduino software.  I made sure that the libraries in Arduino are all up to date.  I am using the latest version of linkedlist.cpp that came with MyRobotLab.  I downloaded MyRoborLab for the first time about 2 weeks ago.  I also updated Java to the latest update.

The error is always the same.  The error is always resolved by deleting the word "false" from line 53 of Linkedlist.cpp 

Everything seems to work so far even thought I made that software change.  I know that this is probably do to the fact that I have not used a function that makes a call to that section of lLinkedlist.cpp code.

I will download MyRobLab again just in case something got scambled in the download. 

Thank you for looking into this for me.



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Ran into the same issue yesterday

My inmoov project has been a bit latent due to other priorities but as i was flashing my second arduino from a new laptop i ran into this issue too. Same line of code (return false on line 53 in the same file). Googling led me to these threads. On my PC it had nothing to do with space on the drive, but it seems to have everything to do with the Arduino version. 

My first Arduino Mega was uploaded with Arduino 1.8.8, with no problem. The problematic one yesterday failed on Arduino's latest version (1.8.11 with some installed modules i had used for other projects). Removing the "False" made it upload like someone else stated, but i assumed it was there for a reason.

Uninstalling 1.8.11 and making a fresh install of Arduino 1.6.9 worked miracles without changing the code. Could it be something with changes to the last Arduino version?

I did notice one thing:

I also noticed that when i opened MRLComm.ino on the newer version there was a warning telling me to use the "Fix encoding and reload" in he Arduino UI, could it be something with how newer Arduino is delaing with some UTF-8/Unicode characters that snuck in somewhere in the project?

Forgot some details you might want. I am an attractive man, 43 years old, running windows 10 64-bit, (from

Kind regards


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Problem fixed?

I tried this and it seem to work.  Change the "False" to "NULL" in lne 53 of Linkedlist.cpp