Menu Workio ! (re-edit :-p )

Custom Joystick for people who have use of only one hand.

edit :- (Gareth :-)

This is the first integrated working part of the controller aka "The Menu System" that enables the basic housekeeping of the Playstation 4.

MRL is helping a great deal for debugging using the Joystick service.

Its starting to take shape now... much tweaking though.

The Wiring Loom is complete, I went for a plug/socket connector, which means that the controller will be easy to swap out and upgrade (if need be).

For one handed use I have salvaged an old Canon camcorder hand strap,  as comfortable as a glove.

Current iteration is below, ...... and yes that is a 3D print  Lego attachment point on top , a suprise addition so the person (or his son) can add extra customisation.