New Robot Layout and Maccanoid Servos in MRL

I am busy building a Robot with Maccanoid smart servos. I forget how MRL is working. Must this servos be aded to MRL's Servo List or Will it work.

Please Help .


Things About this servos Attached and My Connection Layout.

Thank you



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Hey your back ! Neat video.

Hey your back ! Neat video. Interesting Servo - they are pulsing a digital pin and "bit banging" signals out to the tiny microcontrollers that you can daisy chain together. Now a single pin can control multiple servos :) Cool. I looked at ino you supplied. Its a big file and would take some time to change their code into a MrlComm Class. It's possible, but would take some time & effort. On the good side, its not including any additional libraries, if it did, it would pose a greater challenge. What are your plans with it.

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My hole idea is a new Robot. One that sitting or standing . Using head and eyes and hands etc. Not walking. Main purpose what i always tri is to entertain kids. If i can build a robot nice enouth and cheap enouth to do it. I have baught 4 Macconoid robots on a auction. So i have a lot off the smart servos available. So Robot will grow as i design its parts. Most important is to use MRL because it the only control way i have learned a bit off. Now i must start learning more to succeed.

Thank you and yes i am back in action and tri hard.



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Macanoid Servos

Hi any succes in implement this servo into mrl. Need it to Use in robot please