Notification Plans ?

Hi Astro.
I was wondering if there were plans for this Notifications area - and I guess I was trying to figure out if I incorrectly merged.   Yesterday we managed to merge webgui_work and meta branches into develop.  Which is 100s of changes from different people into the soup pot (develop).  I am wondering if I spilt some soup in the process ?

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Hi Grog, Yes, I put that in

Hi Grog,

Yes, I put that in one of the previous comments:

"I also tried to put what Gael asked me from the notifications below always in the footer, but there, you (Grog) are going to have to work because you need to include something in js."


Gael: what about working on the main log errors and message to put them at the bottom?

I'm lost. What is "main log errors and message"? Can you put an image?
It's not the notifications that are in the top bar, in the bell, right?

Gael: I think having a scroll bar would be the best approach I think. Otherwise, I
would go for the option to have it under like this, but again I really think
the notifications should be there also.

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Ah, thanks Astro .. I'll look

Ah, thanks Astro .. I'll look into it.

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Hello, I also noticed the


I also noticed the notification template transited from webgui_work into develop.

I think this container notification template can be interesting, if it doesn't overlap the above container.

But currently it does, which in certain cases it is not very appropriate. It should always be under.

Anyway, if you guys think it's too much trouble, lets keep the way notifications work now. It is really fine with me and somehow I got used to it already. (notifications on the top right corner when clicking the bell)

Maybe an idea, would be to add a button in the notification box to launch the logs automatically. When a error occurs in the notifications, it says for more info check the logs. But for a newbie, what is a log and where can I find it? Currently to check the logs you need to start the service or look at your command line (if you start MRL by command line)