ServoMixer Service


User interface is worky in this pr - 
"sub panels" how to get service page parts showing in other service pages is worky, as you might be able to tell by the set of servos here.

Example for develop:


can't get Manticore (nor Nixie) to work on Win10

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reloaded a clean/new version of win10 64 bit

downloaded Java: java version "1.8.0_28", Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.281-b09, mixed mode)

downloaded Manticore: manticore 1.0.2693

create MRL directory and run java -jar myrobotlab.jar -install

Use Jeston Nano as a visual brain.

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I played a little with the Jetson Nano Hello Ai World demo. It's impressive how fast it all goes. Now I ask myself whether it is not possible to use the Jetson as a brain for object recognition, face recognition, etc. for Inmoov. Instead of using Opencv in myrobotlab, the various data from e.g. .detectnet etc. would be fed into myrobotlab by the Jetson.
Is that generally possible and how should something like this have to be set up?


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Have worky (N) Mqtt Instances...

It may look like duplicates, but its not. There are 4 MRL Instances connected together, and all (so far) appear to be fully functional in the webgui.

There are 3 which have mqtt connectivity, and another that is connected through the webgui service.
WOOHOO ! - will continue looking for bugs and doing more refactoring ...

InMoov Practicing Standup Comedy Routine

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She has a lot of work to do on her routine but I have more work to do on my sub-routines!

PIR Sensor

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I have MRL running with InMoov and I have just added a PIR sensor for wakeup.  It appears to be working correctly but it takes 5 minutes for MRL to put InMoov to sleep. I would like to shorten that time and have the script reset the timer everytime the PIR detects heat.  I tried adding the section [TWEAK] with the HumanPresenceTImeout= .  But no matter what value I set it still takes 5 minutes before it enters sleep mode.

Any suggestions how I can adjust this timeout?


Thank you.



Retrofitting InMoov with Interactive Eyes..... aka >reducing the servo count.

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I Picked up a couple of round 240*240 pixel OLED display modules, as luck would have it they scale easily into the InMoov face frame-work.

Driving the display is an ESP32 using SPI bus for control... meaning that two displays can be controlled with it.

OpenCv Filters from Nixie in Manticore?

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I've played a little with the Nixie version for the past few days, but it's a little too complicated to get Inmoov to work with my limited programming skills, but I really like the filters in OpenCv.
Is it possible to use the OpenCv filters (e.g. Yolo, Face Tracking) of the Nixie version in the last Manticore version?

Inmoov do math

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Hello everyone. First a big compliment for this great platform myrobotlab. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to robotics and programming, but I was able to find my way around very quickly and create my first own gestures. But now I have encountered an insoluble problem for me. I would like Inmoov to do the math in one gesture. How can I tell him the numbers through his ears that he should then calculate? Is there a list with the valid commands such as chatbot.getresponse () and what do they do? I am thankful for every help.
Many greetings